Monday, August 06, 2012

Please Don't Go

Chipp Kidd, book designer, was interviewed on NPR about whether or not he believes book covers are a dying art?  I have to say that my heart fell into my stomach when I heard the introduction--I love book covers, they can't disappear!  I'm not saying that I judge a book by its cover, but I can most definitely be drawn to a book by an appealing, tantalizing, or mysterious cover.  Well I am happy to report that Mr. Kidd does not believe covers will go away but just change and evolve with the mediums.  "They need some kind of visual representation, whether you're going to be seeing them the size of a postage stamp on a computer screen or a smartphone, or sitting on a table, or on a shelf, or in a bookstore," he says.  The interview is definitely worth a listen or a read.

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  1. I think book covers will still be very relevant in the future. If anything I think we'll see more book covers for any one book as time goes on since it's so much easier to make and distribute them these days...which would be great for all of us folks who love book covers :).


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