Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Boomtown Portsmouth

Don't miss local author Rodney Watterson Wednesday, March 29th at 7pm. He will be talking about his latest book "Boomtown Portsmouth : the World War II transformation of a quiet New England seaport". 

Portsmouth’s World War II legacy is well hidden. The city’s narrow streets, which offer frequent glimpses into its heyday during the era of sailing ships and colonial struggles, reveal little of the events that occurred on those same streets during World War II. Yet it is that wartime transformation that revitalized the city and equipped it to move so boldly into the future that it enjoys today. Boomtown Portsmouth tells the story of that frenzied transformation—a story with many subplots: booming navy yard, hordes of immigrant workers, a flood of federal dollars, burgeoning population, unprecedented prosperity, U-boat threats, a mined harbor, blackouts, raucous liberty town, soaring VD rates, massive infrastructure development, and much more. The story concludes with an aggressive postwar plan designed to capture the best and shed the worst of that wartime experience—first steps on the path that led, in time, to the prized jewel that Portsmouth is today. Copies of his book will be available for sale and Mr. Watterson will be happy to sign them.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Calling All Peeps to the Dover Public Library!

The Dover Public Library is looking for creative Dover residents, Dover students, or Dover Public Library cardholders to enter our annual “Peeps Show” Contest this April.

Here’s how it works: Build a diorama using Peeps of any color or species in a standard size shoe box. The theme is anything literary; recreate a scene from your favorite book, play, or poem. The first 10 entries will receive a free plush Peep bunny or chick! 

Those 17 or older are invited to compete in the Adult Division, while peeps, er, people 11- 16 may enter the Teen Division. Children ages 2 – 6 are invited to enter the Kids Division, and ages 7 – 10 may enter in the Youth Division. On the back of your standard size shoe box, please include your name, address, phone number, and title of your “Peeps Show”. All Peeps displays may be dropped off at the Dover Public Library beginning Monday, April 3 through Sunday, April 16. 

The Peeps will be displayed in the library for all to enjoy. The winner of each division will receive a $25 Target gift card, courtesy of the Friends of the Library. Prizes will be awarded on Monday afternoon, April 17. Peeps should be picked up by 5pm on Saturday, April 22. All Peeps not picked up by the deadline will be discarded or eaten!  For more information, call the Dover Public Library: 516-6050.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

New England Irish Harp Orchestra visits on March 21, 7pm

       Join the fun post-St. Patrick‘s Day, Tuesday, March 21, at 7pm at the Dover Public Library as we host a performance by members of the New England Irish Harp Orchestra.  NEIHO are a lively band of harpers who love creating Celtic music together and having fun. The ensemble, led by Director Regina Delaney, will perform traditional Irish dance tunes, slow airs, and songs.
      Members, who range in age from the mid-twenties to mid-eighties, come from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The Orchestra has been performing for eight years throughout New England. Their CDs feature tunes orchestrated and arranged by various NEIHO members and friends, and will be available for sale. 
      This free concert is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Come and celebrate by wearing green and enjoying some great Irish music. For more information, call the Dover Public Library at 516-6050.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Documentary "Alice's Ordinary People" showing on Monday, March 13 @ 6:30pm

The Dover Public Library is pleased to be among selected libraries in New Hampshire to screen the powerful civil rights film, “Alice’s Ordinary People” and to visit with its filmmaker Craig Dudnick. Join us on Monday, March 13 at 6:30pm for this extraordinary event.

“Alice's Ordinary People” is a 56-minute documentary about Alice Tregay, an unsung heroine of the Civil Rights Movement.  Her remarkable story spans the historic period from the marches of Dr. King to the election of Barack Obama. Her great contribution to the field of politics is the thread which connects these two men.  
Alice’s life story reads like a history of the movement. Early on she fought the “Willis Wagons”, second class structures built to relieve overcrowding in Chicago schools which served the African American community. Their very existence perpetuated segregation.
In 1966, Dr. King came to Chicago. Alice and her husband James marched with him, often at great personal risk. It was at this time that Dr. King joined Reverends Jesse Jackson and James Bevel to form Operation Breadbasket. Breadbasket fought racism on many fronts, but its main focus was jobs for African Americans, particularly at businesses drawing profits from the African American community.
Under the leadership of Reverend Jackson, the months that Alice and her “ordinary people” spent picketing led to real change. But it was through her “Political Education” class that Alice had her most significant impact. Over a four-year period, thousands were trained to work in independent political campaigns. This new force was integral to the re-election of Ralph Metcalf to Congress, the election of Harold Washington as Chicago Mayor, and to making Barack Obama our first African American President.
Alice’s contribution is unique in American history, and Craig Dudnick will speak about the circumstances in Chicago which drew Alice to the movement, and how he came to make the film.  An audience discussion will follow the screening

This program is free and open to all. For more information, please call the Dover Public Library at 603-516-6050.