Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Merriam-Webster's New Words 2012

Among the new entries accepted for the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary are:

Man cave
Aha moment
Brain cramp
Bucket list
Cloud computing
Energy drink
Life coach
Craft beer
Game changer
Tipping point

Is the American language being "dumbed down" or is it just more expressive and reactionary ?


  1. While sipping an energy drink in my man cave and sexting my favorite flexitarian life coach about an earworm that was stuck in my head, I had an aha moment about my bucket list and immediately added, "Open a gastropub", "go geocaching", and "write a book people can read on their e-reader", but then I got a brain cramp and it was a total game changer, a tipping point so severe it made me drop an F-bomb, so I went to my favorite pub for some craft beer and good conversation about shovel ready cloud computing

  2. After the worst geocaching session of my life, I was sitting in the gastropub drinking a previously unthinkable combination of craft beer and energy drink (The Fifth Loko of the Apocalypse), I nearly dropped an F-bomb right in front of some kids after I hit the tipping point into intense brain cramps when I overheard my soon-to-be-former life coach talking about how he'd been sexting on his e-reader's Twitter app from his man cave when he had an aha moment: he could do a mash-up on the latest earworm with that quirky flexitarian food porn he'd YouTubed the other day and get totally famous through the magic of cloud computing and viral marketing.


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