Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bedtime Math?

NPR recently interviewed Laura Overdeck a NJ Mom who puts her kids to bed with math.  I know it sounds a bit strange but it is actually very cool.  The US ranks 25th out of 34 countries when it comes to math proficiency, and this worried Ms. Overdeck. When she had children she wanted to make sure that they were comfortable with math so she started giving them a fun math problem each evening along with the bedtime stories.  The idea blossomed into a blog with 5,000 subscribers (prior to the NPR story) to the nightly question sent via email or accessed on the blog.  I am a proud new subscriber and the questions for tonight are :

Wee ones: If your pet anteater eats 5 ants for breakfast, and you decide to try it yourself and you eat 3 ants, how many ants did the two of you eat together?

Little kids: If your anteater flicks its tongue 3 times and picks up 200 ants each time, how many ants did it eat? Bonus: If your anteater flicks its tongue 13 times in the next few seconds, takes a quick break, and then does 9 more tongue flicks, how many times did it flick its tongue?

Big kids: Anteaters visit about 200 bug nests in a day. If an anteater eats 35,000 ants in one day from 100 anthills, how many ants did it score from each nest on average? Bonus:

If your pet anteater flicks its tongue 150 times in one minute, how fast can it
flick it 15 times?

Yum ants--can't wait for bedtime!

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