Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NH Author Betsy Woodman visits on May 6 at 7pm

Join us on Wednesday, May 6 at 7pm as we welcome New Hampshire author Betsy Woodman to the Dover Public Library. Betsy spent ten formative years in India and also studied in France and Zambia. A graduate of Smith College, she earned a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Brandeis.
     Betsy’s novels, “Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes”, “Love Potion Number 10”, and “Emeralds Included”, feature Janet Laird, a Scotswoman who inherits her grandfather’s house in India. Janet moves there, taking her parrot Mr. Ganguly, and does her best to fit into 1960’s India. This “fish out of water” series features colorful characters and a strong sense of place. Woodman’s leisurely pacing may remind readers of authors such as: Adriana Trigiani, Elizabeth Berg, and Jess Walter. Her books have earned rave reviews and her latest, “Emeralds Included”, was chosen as one of the Best of 2014 by NPR.
     Betsy Woodman has edited history books, been a frequent book reviewer, and was a writer/editor for Experiencing War, the award-winning radio documentary series for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Her interest in languages, music, and cross-cultural connections are in evidence in her “Jana Bibi” series. She now lives in her native New Hampshire.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SEE Science Center mobile van visits Dover Library on April 28 at 9:30am

The SEE Science Center in Manchester is an interactive learning center established to promote the
 understanding, enjoyment and achievements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. By applying creativity, determination and attention to science curricula, SEE has become the place in New Hampshire to experience hands-on science fun.

        The Dover Public Library is pleased to host a visit by the SEEmobile, the Center’s traveling demonstration program, at our library on Tuesday, April 28 at 9:30am. This lively program 1-hour program will explore basic scientific principles using interactive demonstrations, covering such topics as: combustion, chemical reactions, observations, polymers, problem solving, optical illusions, and recycling… some which go off with a bang! The presentation is intended to kindle children’s interest in scientific pursuits. This SEEmobile presentation is suitable for all ages from grade 1 to adult. The program is free. For more information, call the Dover Public Library Children’s Room at 516-6052.

Monday, April 13, 2015

National Library Week Logic Puzzle: Win Prizes!

Can you decipher this logic puzzle? Match the book title with its protagonist’s name, its Dover setting, and the crime solved in each of these 12 fictitious mysteries.
The first 5 patrons to submit all the correct answers will WIN A FINE-FREE YEAR AT THE DOVER PUBLIC LIBRARY! Drop your answer sheet off at the Main Circulation Desk or email your answers to Susan Dunker, Adult Services Librarian, at All other correct entries will be entered in a raffle for an ultra-comfy Levenger BedLounge Pillow, perfect for reading in bed!

Author Griff Sutton’s final mystery in his “Calendar” series has just been published. “Dreary December” is the 12th book in this popular series, which also includes “July Sparklers”, “Agonizing August”,  Spooky September”,  and “November can be Noxious”. Each book features a different  month (January---December) in its title. Each book also has a different detective who solves a different crime (one is embezzlement) right here in Dover, NH!

Here are your clues! Good luck!

1.)    The title month in which Conrad Tooby catches a litterer is exactly 2 months earlier in the year than the title month of the mystery set at Hannaford’s (which stars Harry McMaster).

2.)    The title month in the book starring Genevieve Potsdam (which is set in Henry Law Park) immediately precedes the title month of the novel in which the crime is jaywalking (whose title month is earlier in the year than that of the mystery set in Hilton Park.)

3.)    In “Mayhem in May”, Timothy Quince searches the Children’s Museum to solve the theft of some puppets. “April is for Action” involves a forgery. A smuggling operation is thwarted in “October Outcast”. “January Jezebel” is set at the Weeks Crossing.

4.)    Three novels with consecutive title months are the book in which corporate espionage takes place at the Woodman Institute, the racketeering mystery, and the one in which Victoria Bartley defeats the bootleggers, in that order.

5.)    “Madness in March” is set at Harvey’s Bakery. “February Felons” is set at the Dover Public Library. In “June is Jinxed”, an heiress is caught speeding.

6.)    Three books with consecutive title months are the one in which Stan Lorenzo discovers the blackmailer’s identity, the littering mystery, and the novel in which Wayne Ficharski nabs the shoplifter, in that order.

7.)    Three mysteries with consecutive title months are the book starring Jake Constant, the Rachel Havenstein novel, and the one set at Moe’s Subs, in that order.

8.)    The title month of the Isabelle Kincaid book is later in the year than the title month of the mystery set in the Cocheco Millworks but earlier in the year than the title month of the Norman O’Sullivan novel.

9.)    The title month of the Annie Eggleston mystery is later in the year than the title month of the book set at George’s Marina but earlier in the year than the title month of the book set on Garrison Hill.