Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

I picked out a picture book to take home for my son called "The Firehouse Light" by Janet Nolan. (You can't go wrong with firetrucks!) It relates the story of the early days of firefighting in a small town and how the equipment was kept in a small shed. The townspeople would have to light gas lanterns in order to find the equipment so finally a local businessman donated "a wire burning inside a ball of glass" or as we might say a light bulb. The story goes through the next 100 years, and the changes to the town and fire station. The one constant is the light bulb which has never burnt out--true story. There is even a web cam on the lightbulb (kind of like watching paint dry but still kind of cool). The bulb will be celebrating its 110th birthday on June 18th!

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