Thursday, February 21, 2008

Transumerism--Try to Say That Three Times Fast

While browsing through Body + Soul Magazine yesterday I ran across a short piece about the transumerism movement. This term refers to “consumers in transit—people who forgo permanent ownership of possessions in favor of renting.” Transumerists don’t want the hassle of ownership and possessions. This trend has made the use of used goods cool which in turn has allowed web sites like Ebay, Craigslist, and Freecycle to flourish. In researching this trend further I came across a fascinating website that talked about the movement in depth. Did you know that you can rent handbags, jewelry, and dresses? I didn’t. Also there are companies that allow car sharing of all types of cars from the economical to the super luxury—Lamborghini or Ferrari anyone?

Though the term may be fairly new they gave examples of entities that have been doing this for awhile—and one of them was libraries. So get yourself down to your local library to borrow that latest bestseller, board books or picture books for the kids, magazines, books on CD, music CDs, DVDs—you never know what you will find. Don't want the hassle of owning your own computer? Use one of ours. Just thought you should know that we are on the cutting edge here at the DPL—we always knew it, now the rest of the world does too. Finally!

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