Monday, February 11, 2008

Solve 2 Library Quizzes to win a Fine-Free Year!

It’s time once again for our annual library puzzle. The first ten DPL cardholders to correctly solve the conundrums below will earn a fine-free year at the Dover Public Library. Because 2008 is a Leap Year with an extra day in February, we’re requiring that you solve both the puzzles to win! They’re short but tough. Good luck!

Who’s Driving What?
There are four librarians’ cars parked in a row at the back of the library parking lot. They belong to Sara, Denise, Sandy and Nancy. One car is red, one is blue, one green and one white. From the following clues, figure out who drives which car:
Ø Nancy’s car is to the right of the blue car, which is to the right of Sara’s.
Ø Denise doesn’t like white or blue cars.
Ø Sandy’s car is not next to Denise’s car and is next to a red car.
Ø Denise and Sara are the only two who have letters in their name which are also in the colors of their car.

How Many Books?
Sally is a frequent borrower and always has many books checked out of the library. Strangely, among the books she has checked out now, their covers are either blue, white or brown!
Ø Some are paperbacks and some are hardcover.
Ø There are more brown books than any other color.
Ø She has an equal number of brown paperbacks and brown hardcovers.
Ø All but three are hardcover.
Ø There are twice as many brown paperbacks as white paperbacks.
Ø There are three times as many blue books as white ones.
How many books does Sally currently have checked out?

Please turn in your answers to both quizzes at the adult circulation desk or send an email to me at Inveterate puzzle-solvers are certainly eligible to solve the quizzes, but only cardholders will benefit from the prize of a fine-free year! Have fun!

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  1. this is the coolest thing i've ever heard of! you guys rock! thanks for being an awesome example of an awesome library -


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