Thursday, August 20, 2015

My First Library

"Growing up, the town I lived in didn't have a public library yet (but how awesome is it that there are now 230 public libraries in the state!) My parents made sure that I and my siblings developed a love for reading early on by taking us to Stroudwater Books every week (I miss that place soooo much!!). I instantly became obsessed... And then I started school at Moharimet Elementary. I think I could easily say the library was the most magical and my favourite place in the entire school...nay, WORLD! They even had a story-telling area called "The Well" because I guess it looked like, well, a well! I took home armfuls of books every week and made my mom read me each one. I loved sharing them with her (and I'm sure she appreciated how much money I was saving her in the long run!) She was the best because she did silly voices for each character and sometimes changed the protagonist to have my name instead. I became such a little bookworm that anytime I was missing I would always be found curled up in a hidden little corner of my room reading. I read so much my mom started calling me a "reader of the open range" and singing this old Sesame Street song to me:
And, truth be told, I haven't let my mom stop reading me kids' books. Although now I try to use the excuse that she needs to read the stories to my nieces. She has the best Grover voice ever. I can't help it." ‪#‎MyFirstLibrary‬ ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬

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