Monday, July 09, 2012


We saw this idea on a Twitter hashtag and thought it was very clever! Create a poem by collecting appropriately-titled books, stack them up, then recite your amazing verse (otherwise known as doggerel!)
We had some laughs with this at the library over the weekend. Feel free in join in the fun and create your own crafty book stanzas! Send us a picture at: Here's a few of ours:

"See Isabelle run when the wind blows! Never fear learning to fly!"

For romance fans: "Midnight caller, acquainted with the night: enraptured! Temptation rising when passion rules. Welcome to Last Chance."

 For our horror readers: "At the mountains of madness, under the overtree, Mr. Shivers whispers, 'You come when I call you.'"

   "Look at me walk through darkness in the deep woods where you are among the missing."

"The lady of the sea, touched by venom; Venus on the half-shell and others. The darkness that comes before total oblivion, more or less."

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