Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Space Age Technology

I heard an NPR news report recently about how car manufacturers are looking towards young kids, as young as 6, to find out what they look for in cars. An analyst for says " as young kindergarten are already having an impact on the kind of cars they'll end up driving. She says in recent years, carmakers have realized the importance of knowing what the buyers of the future want. All they have to do is ask them." I know that I am not a marketing or advertising person but I was thinking---really? My son is a bit younger but when I asked what he would want in a car he came up with some ideas from Chris Van Dusen's book "If I Built a Car". In the book a little boy imagines all the things that he would incorporate into his car if he built one such as an instant snack bar, pool, robot to help with the driving, and of course the car could drive on water, under the water and in the sky. Sounds a bit pricey, but looks for it in showrooms near you in about 10 years!

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