Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now Hear This

I am feeling very fortunate these days as I have had 2 superb audio books to listen to back to back. First I listened to The Nineteenth Wife by David Ebershoff. This novel consists of two interwoven tales. One story is told from the perspective of one of Mormon prophet Brigham Young's many wives. Ann Eliza ends up crusading against polygamy. The other is a contemporary story told by a young man who was exiled from a polygamous cult similar to the one that made national news this year. Both stories are intriguing. You will be immersed in very different ways of living and thinking. I couldn't wait to get back into the car to listen to more.

I am currently listening to Stephen King's Just After Sunset, a collection of short stories. King has some beautifully written pieces such as "The Things They Left Behind" about a man haunted by the possessions of his co-workers that perished during the September 11 attacks. This touching story deserves a much wider audience than just Stephen King fans.

Happy listening!

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