Thursday, January 24, 2008

The War Tapes

The library's next Wednesday Evening Feature Film will be The War Tapes, winner of the 2006 prize for best documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival. The War Tapes is a unique film in that it is the first movie filmed by front line soldiers in Iraq. Sergeant Steve Pink is a wisecracking carpenter who aspires to be a writer. Sergeant Zack Bazzi is a Lebanese-American college student who loves to travel and is fluent in Arabic. Specialist Mike Moriarty is a father who seeks honor and redemption. Part journal, part jokebook, part witness, the film offers a view of war rarely seen from the inside out. We learn what the soldiers are thinking every step of the way, from their views on the media's coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom to how they miss loved ones back home. Join us on Wed., Feb. 6th at 6:00pm in the Library Lecture Hall for this unique perspective of the Iraq War.

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  1. What is most interesting about this film is that all three soldiers are from the Manchester, NH-based Army Nationa Guard, 172nd Mountain Infantry. Whether you're for the war or against it, come and cheer on our NH troops in action!


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