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2019 Reading Challenge: Written by a local author or about Dover

If you're like me, then you love being part of the Dover community! ...But if you're also like me then maybe you don't know as much about the history of this fair city as you'd like or the wonderful talent coming out of New Hampshire. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of books about Dover or written by local authors. Whether you're reading this to learn more about the city you live or to knock off another category on our 2019 Reading Challenge, this list is here to help! 

About Dover

Factory on Fire: Cocheco Mill Blaze of 1907 by Mark A. Leno, Jr.

The true story of the Cocheco Mill No. 1 blaze of 1907 that resulted in the deaths of seven and injured many more in a 58 hour fire which began on an extremely cold, twenty below zero morning on January 26.

Port of Dover: Two Centuries of Shipping on the Cochecho by Cathleen Beaudoin and Robert Whitehouse

One hundred years ago Dover was an important port of call rivaling the success of Portsmouth. This major historical study covers Dover's settlement in the early 1600's through the late 1700's when the Cocheco River was the focus of Dover's economic livelihood, as well as throughout the 19th century when Dover became the trading center for inland communities. Co-written by Dover's Library Director, Cathy Beaudoin!

Dover: A Family Portrait by Adam Bates, Peggy Brown, Nicholas Jaime, Elene Lampros, and Tracy Saucier

A photo-collection history of Dover collected and put together by 5 Dover Junior High School students with their advisors in 1995 as part of ACE Program.


The Best of Intentions: Unforeseen Circumstances by Laurence P. Keenan

The story of a Dover family from humble beginnings to success and heartbreak.It is a tale of bittersweet family differences and a newfound admiration for the remarkable oil paintings that have been handed down generations.

Rambles About the Dover Area 1623-1973 by Daniel J. Smith

A collection of stories told by Daniel J. Smith, a life-long Dover resident and local expert on Dover and Dover Point. Rambles is a collection of short stories he wrote about the people and places of Dover that were published in Chimes, the First Parish Church, Congregational's Newsletter. 

Written by a Local Author

Stitches by Samantha Simard

When a string of grisly murders centering on college students grab the city of Boston by the throat, Jim Wolfe finds himself entangled in more than one mystery. While Wolfe and his partner attempt to unravel the threads connecting the killings to their missing rock n’ roll heiress, Sebastian Codreanu discovers how deeply his father is tied to the recent crime spree, and the Mass Art Murderer plots his masterpiece.

Loonies by Gregory Bastianelli

Smokey Hollow is a quiet town, but all that changes when Brian Keays moves in and discovers a locked steamer trunk in the attic of his home. A suspicious fire destroys a mental asylum.Victims are found dead with a pillowcase over their heads, the same method used in an unsolved series of murders, committed over fifty years ago. Brian tries to piece together the connection to the trunk and its grisly contents.

Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes by Betsy Woodman

Scottish expatriate Jana Bibi helps to save the small town in India she has grown to call home and the oddball characters she considers family.

Lake People by Abi Maxwell

Abandoned as an infant and raised by a young couple, Alice Thornton grows up aching for acceptance and wholly unaware of the women who came before her, a situation that compels her pursuit of a man who cannot love her.
Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

Everyone wants Ginny Moon to feel like she belong, but she has no intention of belonging. She's found her birth-mother on Facebook, and is determined to get back to her—even if it means going back to a place that was extremely dangerous. Because Ginny left something behind and she's desperate to get it back, to make things right.

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