Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Free Dover Movie Premiere of Christmas Incorporated

Tuesday, December 18,  at 6:30pm, the library will be screening the Hallmark Channel movie, “Christmas Incorporated” which is set in Dover, New Hampshire! Have you ever flown out of the “Dover Regional Airport”? It does exist in this holiday story of Dover’s fight to save its struggling toy factory, housed in the gigantic downtown mills.
Yes, it’s fiction, but you can delight in Hollywood’s interpretation of the Garrison City at this free Dover movie premiere. “Christmas Incorporated” involves a young woman, Riley Vance, who lands a job with wealthy entrepreneur William Young. He is poised to close Dover’s toy factory just before Christmas, which would devastate the entire town. Riley must convince him otherwise! 

           Do Riley and William find love in Dover, NH? It was filmed in California so there are no real Dover scenes, but it’s a lot of fun to watch this sentimental interpretation of our fair city.  Scriptwriter Brook Durham grew up in the Seacoast area and says that the old mills in downtown Dover inspired the story. 

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