Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"The Puritan Chronicles" finds Dover!

Maryland novelist Peni Jo Renner has written a trilogy of early American history that's worth checking out! Book One of the Puritan Chronicles is "Puritan Witch: the Redemption of Rebeckah Eames and is set in Salem, Massachuetts during the time of the witch trials. Book Two is "Letters to Kezia", set in 1693 in Connecticut. But Book Three is what brought Peni Jo's works to my attention: "Raid on Cochecho" follows the exploits of 9-year-old Grace Hampton in Dover, New Hampshire, during the "Indian troubles" of 1676. Ms. Renner did extensive research at our library and we spent some time exchanging emails about history of the settlement here in the 17th century. Give this series a try if you enjoy historical novels!

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