Friday, December 16, 2016

Get Free Books, Music and Movies Without Getting Cold!

It's shaping up to be a brutal New England winter. I didn't want to go outside today, and I don't want to go out tomorrow.  If you feel the same way, I have a suggestion as to how you can keep entertained when your library books, music and movies run out.
Sign up for a free account at Hoopla with your Dover Public Library card. 
Hoopla offers over 280,000 music albums, 145,000 eBooks, 37,000 audiobooks, and 12,000 movies and TV shows that you can stream or download instantly!
A free hoopla app is available for many Android, iOS and Kindle devices. Use the app to watch, listen to or read any hoopla titles.

You can also play titles on your computer. To play titles using Internet Explorer or Safari, you'll need to install the free Widevine plugin on your web browser.
You can watch hoopla movies and TV shows on your TV with the hoopla iOS or Android app and Apple TV or Chromecast devices. Or you can connect your device to your television using an HDMI adapter. 

You may borrow 8 items per month.
Most movie and TV content is available for 3 days (a very small number of movie titles are available for 2 days).
Music albums are available for 7 days,
Audiobooks are available for 21 days.

eBooks are available for 21 days.

Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when lending period is over.

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