Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hoopla is Changing

Are you a fan of Hoopla, the database that allows you to download free movies, eBooks, and audiobooks, and stream music? Hoopla is planning some big changes in the next few days. It will be easier and faster to find what you want. There will be built in audio players for music and audiobooks, no need to open new tabs or windows. Hoopla says that you will be logged out of Hoopla and will need to log back in using your email and password (which you may or may not remember).  Hoopla will be glad to help in response to password inquiries, or simply use the “Forgot password” link to change it yourself.
If you’ve previously stored your password in your browser, simply click the email sign-in box, then click on the email that pops up and it will automatically fill in both your email and password for you.  Then, just click login.

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