Thursday, June 25, 2015

My First Library

"My first library was the Franklin Avenue branch of the Des Moines Public Library in Iowa. My grandmother Dunker would take me to pick out books to read at her house before my nap. I remember the bins full of picture books to choose from and the fun kid-sized furniture and the toys. A few years later, I attended a program at the Library called "Be a Librarian for a Day". I shadowed Maureen and learned what being a librarian was all about, at least in that branch. My fate was sealed! When I turned 16 I was able to work as a "library page" at that same branch until I left for college. From age 16 on, except for one year, I've always worked in libraries. I can't imagine loving any other profession as much!" #MyFirstLibrary #ThrowbackThursday

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