Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tax Forms

Seems like every other person is asking us for tax forms! At this point, we are as frustrated as our customers! We are unable to get an answer from the IRS as to when the forms will arrive. They did email us, however, that they will not ship any 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ instruction booklets this year. Gee, thanks.

They "encourage" taxpayers to download and print forms and booklets online at irs.gov/orderforms. Of course, many people do not have Internet access or the digital literacy skills to perform this download. This puts an additional burden on libraries, because we, of course, will do it for you. But you'll have to pay for the printouts (lots of very unhappy customers protesting that.) Thanks again, IRS.

Please do not blame the library for the lack of paper forms and booklets. We are at the mercy of this IRS decision to limit printed copies.

Please also remember, that our Tax Help Assistance program from the VITA volunteers starts on February 3. They will be here every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9-12 to help you. There's walk-in service or you may make an appointment by calling 211.

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