Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Borrow a Kindle Fire!

     In addition to the library’s six Kindle ebook readers (which currently contain over 100 books), library patrons now have the option to borrow one of two new Kindle Fire tablets which not only hold the library’s selection of ebooks, but also a wide-ranging collection of useful apps and popular games. Plus, the Kindle Fires display in color!
     Some of the games we’ve installed on the Kindle Fires include: Color Sheep, Doodle Jump, Words with Friends, Drawing Pad, Gems Journey, GT Racing, Jetpack Dragon Hunting, My NBA 2K14, Real Speed, and Temple Run 2.
     Some of the apps offered include: Ancestry, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Duolingo, IMDb, iTranslate, Jamie’s 20-minute Meals, Netflix, NPR News, PBS Video, Pet First Aid, Pinterest, Facebook, Quizlet, Skype, Spotify, Tumblr, Wolfram Alpha and Workout Trainer. Some of these apps require the user to establish their own personal account. Accounts can sometimes be created for free (e.g. Facebook or Pinterest) but others (e.g. Ancestry, Spotify or Netflix) do charge the user a monthly or annual fee to join. To clarify, the library provides access to the apps through the Kindle Fires, but will not pay for individual users to, for example, rent a movie. If you have a Netflix account, you may certainly be able to stream your movie choice and watch it on a library Kindle Fire.
     We would suggest that if you just want to read ebooks, you check out one of the six Kindle ebook Readers. They are simple to use and lighter to hold. If you’d like to try some apps, check out a Kindle Fire. Play some games and try some of the free apps. If you’re really intrigued with the fee-based services, establish your own personal account (usually tied to your credit card) and pay for content as you use it.
The Kindle Fires and the Kindle Readers may each be checked out for a three-week borrowing period. Late fees are $.25 per day.

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