Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Best Book of 2014

Amazon has a section called Best Books of 2014 So Far. I finished a book today that inspired me to write my own Best Book of the Year So Far.

 Lucky Dog by Sarah Boston is the story of a veterinary oncologist who has cancer. You wouldn't think a memoir about someone battling cancer would be funny but Lucky Dog is. When Sarah first finds the lump on her neck she is suspicious, she spends all day feeling similar suspicious masses in dogs. She asks her husband who is also a vet to bring home the portable ultrasound machine from his practice so she get get a better look at her mass. About half the book is Sarah's struggle in the Canadian health care system to get diagnosed and receive care for her thyroid cancer and the issues that someone with cancer faces. The rest of the book is stories of the dogs with cancer she has treated, and their owners, as well as a few tart comments on how much more efficient and kind the care pets receive is compared to human patients. Sarah's stories of the wonderful dogs she has known are worthy of James Herriott. You will read about Riley, the blind Golden cross who saved her family from a fire, Jake who still managed to retrieve huge sticks after half his jaw was removed, and Mambo, the Yellow Lab who showed his owners that chemotherapy no longer made him nauseous by eating a entire carrot cake they had left out on the counter.

If someone you love that has cancer, you should read this book.
If you have pets, you should read this book.
If you are looking for an excellent memoir, you should read this book.

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