Thursday, December 26, 2013

Great Stone Face Award "Booktalk" #7

The Golden Door
by Emily Rodda

Three magic doors--Wood, Silver, and Gold. Rye has to choose one but which door is the right one?  Rye has lived his entire life behind the safe walls of Weld. Times have changed and the town is under attack from the air. Dangerous skimmers fly in at night to search for food and attack the townspeople. Night after night they come and the town is in shambles.  Why are there so many skimmers?  What is attracting them to Weld?  Is someone sending them to destroy Weld?  An answer must be found before the town is destroyed and the people scattered. Rye must choose the right door if he is to help his people.
(Booktalk by Susan McDonald-GSF Committee/Weeks Public Library, Greenland, NH)

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