Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Feasting with Recipes Then & Now" with Liz Barbour

      The Friends of the Dover Public Library are delighted to host a cooking performance by Liz Barbour, owner of The Creative Feast in Hollis, NH. On Tuesday evening November 19 at 7pm, Liz will present “Feasting with Recipes Then and Now: An Exploration of Recipes from 1910 to the Present” for pre-registered attendees.
     Explore the modern journey back to the local farm and your great-grandmother’s kitchen. The trend to eat locally-grown and raised seasonal fare has its roots deeply planted in our historic kitchens. Learn why we’ve moved our food preparation so far from home. As with most things, food trends change, and the historical effects of large scale farming and manufacturing on our recipes and food preparation is well worth investigating.
     Liz Barbour has been cooking professionally since 1992 and started her own business, Creative Feast, in 2004 She shares her culinary experiences and knowledge with students, groups, and clients through cooking demonstration classes, in-home cooking parties, and boutique-style private catering. Her recipes are designed to demystify the cooking process while focusing on basic cooking techniques, knife skills, healthy ingredient combinations, and the use of herbs and spices to enhance flavors. Her passion for delicious food combinations and eye catching presentations are the basis for every customized menu she creates for her clients.
      Liz's cooking demonstrations and recipes have been featured on New Hampshire Chronicle, and she appears regularly on WMUR Channel 9’s “Cooks Corner”. Her recipes are featured in various publications including New Hampshire Magazine, the Nashua Telegraph, and The Hippo.
       Guests at the program will enjoy Liz’s cooking demonstration of some historic recipes and learn how to alter them for today’s shopping and palate. Two tasty recipes will be prepared, with samples and recipes provided to all.
     This program is free but, in order to plan correct food quantities, PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, BEGINNING ON NOVEMBER 1. Those wishing to attend should call the Dover Public Library at 516-6050 to register for this entertaining and delicious program. 

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