Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been intrigued by Philip Roth's efforts to get the Wikipedia page about um...Philip Roth changed.  The problem is with the assertion that the book The Human Stain was inspired by the life of Anatole Broyard.  Mr. Roth claims that this is not substantiated by fact and I would think he should know.  An attempt to correct this error "was met with an Aug. 25 letter from the English Wikipedia Administrator, who stood firm in requiring secondary sources, despite understanding that 'that the author is the greatest authority on their own work.'"  I believe "requiring a secondary source" is great in the majority of cases, but I would think even Wikipedia would bend a bit when confronted by Philip Roth himself.  What I really want to know is how do you get a secondary source to prove an inspiration?  Life is so complicated.

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