Thursday, May 03, 2012

Look Out, I'm Going to Dunanduate

I was perusing the December 2011 National Geographic when I came across an interesting article on new words that were added to the Oxford English Dictionary. We usually just hear about what words are new in American dictionaries so I was curious to see what the Brits thought was worthy of inclusion. I spotted some words that I can definitely make use of; dringle- the watermark or stain left on paper or wood by a glass of liquid, and floordrobe- the floor of a room littered with clothing, these words are going to come in handy in conversations with my husband for starters. I will have to use them carefully or he might wibble-the trembling of the lower lip just shy of crying. I certainly don't want to dunanduate- overuse a word or a phrase that has been recently added to my vocabulary.
The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words four times a year, the next update is due in June. Want to keep up? Visit the OED online, you can even sign up to learn a new word a day.

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