Monday, April 23, 2012

Track Your Series...

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at the circulation desk is "Do you keep record of the books that I've read?" Sadly, the answer is no because I'd like that feature myself.  I can never remember all the titles that I've gone through in the past years, let alone last week. The other day I ran across a web site that won't keep track of all the books that you have read ( there are other sites that do this...) but it will show you all the books in a series, allow you to mark what you have read, follow the series, and let you know what the next book you are due to read in the series.  Even better it will alert you when a new book in the series is about to be published. It is called Fictfact and it is awesome. Another plus-you don't have to type in every book in a series. Most series are already listed.All you have to do is browse their huge collection. Have Fun!

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