Friday, December 16, 2011

Librarian wins Punctuation Contest!

I adore punctuation (and, as as my staff knows, correcting punctuation!). Thus, a Chicago librarian is my new hero! September 24 was National Punctuation Day (who knew?), and NPD organizers held a contest: write one three-sentence paragraph that included 13 separate punctuation marks: apostrophe, brackets, colon, comma, dash, ellipsis, exclamation point, hyphen, parentheses, period, question mark, quotation mark, and semicolon.

Ann Heinrichs, a part-time librarian at the Poetry Foundation, wrote this winner:

"Get that [*******] animal off my keyboard!" he roared---apparently abandoning his (short-lived) enthusiasm for her new kitten. Clearly, the honeymoon was over: first, the tantrum over hairs in the sink; next, the brouhaha about the napkin rings; and now, the paroxysm aimed at Tippy. Jenny's mind raced over her options: Should she leave him...or should she kill him?

Utterly clever...I just love this!

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