Friday, June 10, 2011

Quiz Time!

I love quizzes and I love books(of course...)so when I read that Marie Claire's website had a quiz that would find the best summer beach read for your personality, I had to take it. FYI-this is a gals only quiz unless you enjoy wearing tinted moisturizers and black eyeliner(one of the questions). I also asked several co-workers take the quiz so we could compare results. The first question kind of stumped me as we had to choose which beachy type vacation would best suit us and none of them appealed to me. I finally decided on laying on the beach at a friend's house in the Hamptons. I figured I could always ditch the friends if I wanted to be alone. I went on answering questions nonchalantly and finally received the results. I read "trendsetter" Fiction. Really? Hmmm. Well I have read Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" which was one of the suggested titles but as for the others...not so much. My coworkers results were hit or miss. Two were satisfied with their fantasy recommendations and the other with her nonfiction personality. However one, who shall remain nameless, was most offended by her chic lit designation. Try it and see if you like your personality.

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  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    My quiz result, Fantasy, was dead on, even though some of the questions didn't have an answer that really fit me. For instance, my favorite cocktail wasn't there, nor was my celebrity crush; the handsome, charming, and funny Nathan Fillion.Oh well!


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