Friday, April 29, 2011

a Piece of Dover History Arrived by Mail

We were delighted to receive this pen and ink sketch from someone who was cleaning out a house and thought the artwork should return to Dover. The 1986 Heritage walking Tour booklet explains the history of the Varney Ham house. 
In 1696, Ebenezer Varney, a blacksmith and devout Quaker, built his home at the foot of the west side of the Great Hill (now known as Garrison Hill). Varney was a great friend and benefactor of the local Indians, and his home and his family were never in any danger during the Indian turmoils that plagued Dover in the 1700s. The hill eventually became known as Varney's Hill during the eighteenth century. In 1829, John Ham purchased Varney's property and by 1834, the name had changed to Garrison Hill. The Varney-Ham house remained in the Ham family until about 1920 when it was sold to Philip Daum. The house was taken down circa 1970 when the large apartment complexes in that area were constructed.

 You can find photographs of the Varney Ham house here.

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