Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing

Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing by Sonny Brewer

I can’t believe I read the whole thing in one night. I have been in a slump lately; no books or audiobooks have thrilled me. Many were tossed aside after a few lackluster chapters. Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing was a book I could not put down. Cormac is a personable Golden Retriever who rarely leaves his owner’s side. They go to work together, they hang out at home together, their bond is deep. Sonny, the author, leaves Cormac with a friend while he goes off on a book tour. The nightmare begins when he gets a phone call telling him that Cormac has disappeared. Neighbors thought they had seen him in the back of a strange red pickup truck. The pound does not have him, shelters and vets have not seen him either. The breakthrough finally comes when a young girl admits Cormac was left at the pound. The director stonewalls until lawyers are brought in and then admits that Cormac was given to a Golden Retriever Rescue in another part of the country. The chase is on to find him before he vanishes forever.

The author does a splendid job building the tension in this true life story as well as bringing Cormac with all his eccentricities to life. A treat for any dog lover.


  1. DogLover8:12 PM

    I am a young reader who decided to do this book for independant novel studies because I love dogs and have two Golden Retrievers of my own. Before reading the book I researcched it to learn more about it and I found that the dog Cormac resempled Corky (one of my Goldens) in an odd way. I read this book in one night and it interested me greatly, I rate it (out of 5 stars) 6 stars! This author has true talent!

  2. DogzRule6:22 PM

    This book is for all ages, I read it and I am 12 years old, my mom read it, my cousin and one of my friends. And guess what? They ALL loved it! If you read this book you won't be dissapionted! The author is a genuis!


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