Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Library Hours for the Thanksgiving Weekend

Library hours for the Thanksgiving Holiday will be:
Wednesday, Nov. 21 - 9am to 5:30pm
Thursday and Friday, Nov. 22 & 23 - Closed
Saturday, November 24 - 9am to 5:00pm
Sun., Nov. 25 - Closed

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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  1. Has the Library ever considered using Eventful to "publish" their events on the Net?

    The key I've found when using Eventful is, when adding a new event, to make sure you expand "Show More Options" and check "Submit to other sites and searches" next to "Put us to work". Then on the next page at least check Google and Upcoming/Yahoo. Checking Upcoming/Yahoo is what drives events on the Dover Yahoo Local page.

    Another thing you might want to try is to replace the HTML calendars on the library site with public Google Calendars. The great thing about using Google Calendars is they give you HTML to put on your site to display the calendar and they allow people to "subscribe" to the calendar so they don't always have to remember to check the Library site to keep up to date.

    Just some thoughts... my only ulterior motive is as a citizen just trying to keep track of events in Dover.


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